The Annals of Clinical Oncology (Ann Clin Oncol; ACO; Print ISSN 2223-5876; Online ISSN 2223-5884publishes articles that describe new findings in the field of oncology,provides current and practical information on diagnosis, prevention andclinical investigations of cancer. Specific areas of interest include, but notlimited to, multimodality therapy, markers, imaging, tumor biology, pathology,chemoprevention, and technical advances related to cancer. The aim of theJournal is to provide a forum for the dissemination of original researcharticles as well as review articles in all areas related to cancer. It is aninternational, peer-reviewed journal with a focus on cutting-edge findings inthis rapidly changing field, while providing practical up-to-date informationon diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer. To that end, Ann Clin Oncol is dedicated totranslating the latest research developments into best multimodality practice. Thejournal features a distinguished editorial board, which brings together a teamof highly experienced specialists in cancer treatment and research. The diverseexperience of the board members allows our editorial panel to lend theirexpertise to a broad spectrum of cancer subjects. The entire submission andreview process are managed through OJS system, an electronic system, which providesan efficient way and ensures a rapid turnaround of papers submitted forpublication. 

Below are the latest Annals of Clinical Oncology articles published online ahead of print publication.

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